Frisdrank Curaçao




After many requests, Frisdrank Curaçao has expanded their range with beers, so that a nice beer is also available with us. We only sell per box of 24 pieces.

Brand Price
Heineken beer 24 x 0.25 cl 75,- naf incl. OB  
Brasa beer 24 x 275 ml75,- naf incl. OB  
Passimoncello 0.5 l50,- naf incl. OB 
Passimoncello 1 l80,- naf incl. OB 
Smirnoff Ice 24x 275ml75,- naf incl. OB  
Sodka 24 x 250ml Lime flavored65,- naf incl. OB
Sodka 24 x250ml Grapefruit flavored65,- naf incl. OB


Are you catering and would you like to know what the price is for you, please contact us by phone, email or visit our store.

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