Frisdrank Curaçao



Our assortment

We supply per tray of 24 cans a 330ML of the following brands:

Coca Cola28,- Naf
Coca Cola light 28,- Naf
Coca Cola Zero28,- Naf
Coca Cola Vanille28,- Naf
Coca Cola Cherry28,- Naf
Fanta28,- Naf
Fanta Zero28,- Naf
Fanta Lemon28,- Naf
Fanta Cassis35,- Naf
Fanta Exotic28,- Naf
Fanta strawberry & kiwi28,- Naf
Fanta elderflower & lemon28,- Naf
Lipton Ice tea Sparkling30,- Naf
Lipton Ice tea Zero30,- Naf
Lipton Ice tea Green30,- Naf
Lipton Ice tea Peach30,- Naf
Lipton Ice tea Lemon30,- Naf
Hero Cassis30,- Naf
Dr Pepper30,- Naf
Dr Pepper zero30,- Naf
7-Up26,- Naf
7-up zero26,- Naf
Sprite28,- Naf
Pepsi Regular24,- Naf
Pepsi Max24,- Naf
Pepsi Max Lemon24,- Naf
Pepsi Max Cherry24,- Naf
Red bull Energy58,- Naf
Red bull zero58,- Naf
Slammers Energy26,- Naf
Monster Energy (12 x 0,5L)30,- Naf
Royal club bitter Lemon28,- Naf
Royal club Ginger Ale28,- Naf
Royal club Tonic classic28,- Naf
Royal club Cassis28,- Naf
Royal club Soda28,- Naf
Spa Blauw (24 x 0,5L)28,- Naf
Spa Rood (24 x 0,5L)28,- Naf
Sourcy Soda28,- Naf 
Chocomel 250ml48,- Naf
Chocomel 200ml35,- Naf
Fristi 250ml48,- Naf
Fristi 200ml35,- Naf
Schweppes Bitter Lemon 28,- Naf
Schweppes Citrus28,- Naf
Schweppes Indian Tonic 28,- Naf
San Pellegrino 750ml40,- Naf
San Pellegrino 250ml40,- Naf
Maresca Soda/ Bruiswater24,- Naf
Pringles Hot & Spicy (12 pack)18,- Naf
Pringles Naturel (12 pack)18,- Naf
Pringles Paprika (12 pack)18,- Naf

All our prices include 9% OB tax.


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